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Dear readers,

as an author the contact with my readership is very important to me. Here I’ll inform you about future events and current activitie. I look forward to a lively exchange with you all …

hugs,  Alisha

January 4, 2021 / News from the publisher

Hello my dears,

my publisher informed me today that the sample book is on its way to me. After I’ll approved it the sale’s about to start… soon we’ll made it! Only a few more days, stay tuned!

Much love, your Alisha

January 19, 2021 / approval granted

Today I released the book to the publisher for publication … the countdown is on! In 48 hours “Chances” should finally be released to buy! I look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy reading it!

love, yours Alisha

January 20, 2021 / release

The book is on sale now … soon you’ll find here all the shops to order it! Amazon does not currently have the book in stock! I’ll work on that. Thank you all for your support! My special thanks to my best friends. They’ve pushed the numbers of sale extremly!  Love, Alisha

February 3, 2021 / Sales started

Sales have started “so well” that the book is out of print almost everywhere! An overwhelming success that wouldn’t have been possible without all of you … thank you very much for your strong support! I’m really looking forward to your opinions on this …

XOXO, Alisha

P.S. Part 2 reached the publisher today!

February, 9, 2021 / Translation in progress

The translation of the page and the book is under construction. So please do not pay attention to the small errors that have not yet been fixed. It’ll take some time. So I ask you to be patient. I didn’t expect this overwhelming success. Also I didn’t expect inquiries in English so quickly. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
Kisses, Alisha

February 15, 2021 / The End

The “Chances” series came to an end with Volume 4 today, with one laughing and one crying eye. Relieved that the story has come to an end, but sad that it has ended.
Difficult for a writer. The next project is already in front of the start!
LG, Alisha